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We stock 20kg bags of a range of smokeless and house coals. Please get in touch with us to order and delivery can be arranged either by road or by narrowboat if you are on one of our cruising route.

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Which coal should I use?

Traditional housecoal for burning in an open grate or in stoves, good quality giving plenty of heat and a bright flame.

A by-produce of the oil refining process. Petcoke has a high energy content and burns hot and can burn out grates if not used with care and low draft. It produces virtually no ash.

An economy product, non smokeless. Lights easily and burns with good heat output and low ash.

A popular quality large ovoide, a slow burning fuel with good heat and medium ash.

A very popular economy smokeless ovoide, easy to light, with good heat output and average ash content.

Small Anthracite & Large Anthracite
A good quality slow burning natural smokeless coal, gives plenty of heat but can take some practice to use, getting the right “draft”