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Dimensions are approx 22” long x 8” depth.

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A brand new tipcat fender for a narrowboat or barge, hand made using black polypropylene rope hitched around a very strong, impact absorbing custom made rubber core, with good quality BZP (bright zinc plated) chain moulded right through middle of core. The fender is incredibly robust, durable and attractive. It will not deform or lose its shape like many imported coir cored fenders. Tipcats are often fitted as two tipcats and a standard button.

These are ideal for traditional boats with larger rudders which need that extra protection. This tipcat has flat faces where it mounts onto the counter and where another fender would sit which makes fitting much easier. I also specialise in making very traditional rope cored (round cross section) tipcat fenders which I have produced for many historic working boats such as FMC motors Rudd & Lark, Cowburn & Cowpar motor Skylark as well as Big Woolwich’s Badsey & Bicester also a large tipcat for LMS tug Sandbach.

Prices for traditional rope cored fenders are available on request.

Dimensions (approx) 
Length 22” (56cm) 
Depth 8” (20cm) 
Breadth 11” (28cm)